What we do

“They are an invaluable organisation that has listened to and understood the needs and ambitions of the local community and has raised valuable funds to support those needs.” 

Clare Richards, Chief Executive, The ClementJames Centre

Kensington and Chelsea is a borough usually associated with affluence and wealth, but it also has areas of severe deprivation. You may not know that K+C has:

  • The worst rate of income inequality in all London Boroughs
  •  37.3% of children living in poverty
  • Twice as many state school children eligible for free school meals as the national average
  • Nearly a quarter of working residents earning less than the London Living Wage
  • The highest proportion of people living alone in the country

We were set up in 2008 by local resident, Jeremy Raphaely, who was aware of the inequalities that exist in our borough and was determined to gain support from like-minded people to help address them.

Our vision is of a borough where everyone has the opportunity to live healthy, happy, fulfilled lives. We support local projects which reduce isolation and exclusion, develop skills and employment opportunities, and help children and young people to have the best chance in life.

We are continually raising funds to support these projects. 

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