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“They are an invaluable organisation that has listened to and understood the needs and ambitions of the local community and has raised valuable funds to support those needs.” 

Clare Richards, Chief Executive, The ClementJames Centre

Kensington and Chelsea is a borough usually associated with affluence and wealth, but it also has areas of severe deprivation and significant inequalities.  The Kensington + Chelsea Foundation is an independent charity, set up in 2008 by local resident, Jeremy Raphaely, who was aware of these challenges in our borough and was determined to gain support from like-minded people to help address them. 

Our recent report, Poverty and Prosperity in Kensington + Chelsea’, delves into the drivers of these inequalities, across education, health and employment to understand how, despite being in the top 10% of UK local economies, some of our neighbourhoods are amongst the poorest in the country.  It reveals some startling facts that you may not know about K+C:

  • K+C has the worst rate of school exclusions in London, meaning significant numbers of young people’s life chances are hindered, every year, from a lack of access to mainstream education.  Sadly, there is a well evidenced pathway from school exclusion to unemployment, youth violence and ultimately, prison.  Coupled with this 1 in 4 children live in poverty and the number of children on Free School Meals has doubled in the last 4 years
  • K+C is in the lowest 20% of Local Authorities for mental health performance, with levels of anxiety significantly above national and London averages, exacerbated by both the Grenfell Tower tragedy and the Covid-19 pandemic.  There are also huge disparities of up to 17 years in the life expectancy of residents, depending on which wards they live in

  • The unemployment rate in K+C is higher than the London average and even when residents are in work, many residents find that work is not necessarily a route out of poverty, with wages insufficient to meet high living costs.  Since 2020 the number of people claiming in-work benefits, reflecting in-work poverty, has tripled.

Based on our research the Foundation’s priorities for 2022 and beyond will focus on reducing education inequalities, increasing skills and employment and improving mental health. 

“It is our hope that the report’s findings and recommendations, including developing a more tailored approach to support services and investment in preventative solutions, can help to leverage local philanthropy and unlock the full economic, social and community strength of Kensington and Chelsea.” Victoria Steward Todd, Director, K+C Foundation

We are continually raising funds to support our community, please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

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