Find out more about our Innovation + Collaboration initiative

Tackling social issues through innovation and collaboration

We are pleased to announce five new partnerships launched as part of our Innovation + Collaboration initiative which pilots new ideas and brings partners together to tackle some of the social problems in our community.  

Fire Cadets is an exciting youth engagement programme offering young people the opportunity to train with London Fire Brigade, gain a credible qualification and life skills they can use in the workplace.  With our help, they will recruit 16 new cadets from K+C to the programme in September and work with local youth groups and partners to encourage applications from a diverse pool of residents.

The Harrow Club, in partnership with Young Enterprise will offer 20 young people in the Chelsea Youth Club the opportunity to take part in the Company Programme.  This programme  empowers young people to set up and run a student company under the guidance of a business volunteer. Students make all the decisions about their business, from deciding on the company name, managing the company finances and selling to the public. Participants gain practical business experience and key skills.  

The Oppidan Foundation runs peer-mentoring programmes uniquely designed to raise individual aspirations in young people and to support those young people at risk, to realise their potential both in and out of school.  The programme will be offered in two schools in K+C and will reach 120 young people in Year 7 and Year 12.

The Next Step Foundation supports students from underprivileged backgrounds through the process of applying to selective UK universities.  This enables all students, regardless of background, with the potential to apply to the UK's most selective universities, and provides them with the opportunity to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to make a competitive application.  Our funding will support their work with 20 young people from Kensington + Chelsea at Ark Burlington Danes Academy school.

My Life Mix run by the Portobello Business Centre will offer a business start-up course designed specifically for women with caring responsibilities.  Course participants will have a seed of a business idea and will be supported to turn that seed into an up and running business. The course runs during term time and within the school day, and lasts 9 weeks and will support 15 women.