The K+C Foundation Futures Fund

Strengthen the future of our community by leaving a legacy to the K+C Foundation Futures Fund

"I've lived in this borough for many years. I want to see it thrive in years to come and that's why I've made a provision in my will to the K+C Foundation. I trust them to use it wisely to support local people."

Alan Hutchison, local resident

How your legacy will make a difference:

Our Futures Fund will drive on-going programmes at the heart of our community which

  • reduce isolation and loneliness for all ages
  • reduce educational inequalities
  • develop real opportunities for people to gain and skills employment

Transform education for young people

There are many ways your Legacy could help, such us through the transformation of school life for young people.  The high school exclusion rate in K+C is the worst in London and significant numbers of young people’s life chances are hindered every year from a lack of access to mainstream education.  Sadly, there is a well evidenced pathway from school exclusion to unemployment, youth violence and ultimately, prison.  We want to support long term, unique and highly successful programmes which provide young people with emotional, social and academic support to stay at school and thrive. 

Improve mental health

Your Legacy could also help us to build a more comprehensive, tailored approach to support people with mental health issues.  Our research found that K+C is in the lowest 20% of Local Authorities for mental health performance, with levels of anxiety significantly above national and London averages, exacerbated by both the Grenfell Tower tragedy and the Covid-19 pandemic.  We plan to seek out and support projects that offer holistic, tailored support based on individual needs, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and will be looking for evidence of collaboration and sign-posting to other relevant services.

Change lives through increasing skills and employment

Kensington and Chelsea continues to have higher than average rates of unemployment, especially amongst residents from Black and Minority Ethnic Backgrounds.  The number of residents claiming out of work benefits has doubled since the pandemic, and the number claiming in-work benefits has almost tripled, demonstrating that even when employed, residents face considerable challenges meeting the cost of living in the borough.  Your legacy will fund a bursary scheme for people of all ages to improve their skills and employment prospects, and thus change their lives.

Next steps

We, and those who follow us, will be deeply grateful for legacies to support the K+C Foundation Futures Fund. For more information about how your gift will change lives, contact us at [email protected]

You can make a Gift in your Will

  • by inserting a clause into a new will, or
  • by adding a simple codicil to an existing will, or
  • by writing a Letter of Wishes to your executors relating to a general provision regarding charitable gifts.

You should clearly state our name, The Kensington + Chelsea Foundation, and our registered charity number 1125940

  • The Gift may be in the form of a fixed amount of Cash,
  • or Property (e.g. shares), or
  • A residuary percentage either of your estate, or of part of it (e.g. of the value of your home)


You should always seek advice from professionals regarding tax and legal matters, however in general:

Please let us know if you make a gift to us in your will, so that we can thank you properly, and can keep you and your heirs informed of the impact of our work.