Minds United FC support people struggling with mental health issues

Funded through our Green Shoots fund, Minds United FC are the highlight of the week for many

“I didn't feel like I belonged to anything or anyone, I felt like a misfit in society. I feel like the bond we’ve built in Minds United FC is a family. You come and you're accepted.”

Adam, team player

Minds United FC’s weekly sessions provide people affected by mental ill health and substance abuse in North Kensington with the opportunity to play football and socialise in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

The team was set up in 2019 by local resident Tarik, who says football played a “massive role” in his recovery after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder seven years ago. Over 30 players are now registered with Minds United FC, many of whom say the sessions are the highlight of their week.

Mind united FC
the highlight of the week
Minds United FC