Become a Children + Young Person's Champion

“Children from low-income households do less well than their better off peers on many
outcomes in life, such as education and health, simply because they are poorer.”

- The Joseph Rowntree Foundation

  • 37.3% of children in Kensington + Chelsea are living in poverty

  • State school children in the borough are twice as likely as the national average to be eligible for free school meals

  • More than a third of children living in the borough are in overcrowded households

By making a 3 year pledge to our Children + Young People’s Champions’ Circle, you will help us to transform at least 2,300 young lives each year, through projects tackling gangs, crime, violence, poor physical and mental health, disability, language barriers and lack of green spaces.


  • Invitations to 2 opportunities per year to see supported children + young people projects
  • Invitation to an Annual Champions’ Circle networking event hosted by our Chairman
  • An annual Impact Report demonstrating the difference K+C Foundation is able to make with your support
  • Recognition on our website and in our annual Impact Report