Watch our Webinar to understand the skills + employment issues in K+C

As part of our ongoing Webinar series exploring the challenges faced by our most vulnerable residents and the projects we fund to address them, our latest Webinar focuses on the importance of delivering targeted and tailored employment support to those most in need. We aim to support more residents into sustainable and meaningful work to improve their financial security during the cost of living crisis, as well as their confidence and sense of purpose.

In February 2021, more than 1 in 10 working age K+C residents were claiming out of work benefits, an increase of 50% since the previous year.  To tackle this issue, we established our Skills + Employment portfolio and committed to support over 1,200 residents, helping them to get job-ready and move into work. 
We were joined by speakers from two of the projects we support. Alexander Coackley is the Head of Information, Advice and Guidance at Nova New Opportunities – an organisation providing life-changing tailored support to adults helping them into sustainable employment. Hafsah Abdillahi, is the Senior Peer Circles Caseworker at St Giles Trust and speak to the work that they do in our community supporting young offenders trying to turn their lives around.

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