Setting up the K+C Foundation - speech by Jeremy Raphaely, Founder, K+C Foundation

"On 17th September 2008, the very day that Lehman Brothers crashed and with the UK economy in deep trouble, the K+C Foundation was launched and I started on a journey, on which I have been joined by many.

Since that somewhat inauspicious start, the distance we have travelled can be measured in the amount of money raised, the organisations we have supported, the large number of their individual beneficiaries, and our wider contribution to the local community.  Details of all these aspects are contained in the Impact Report being released tonight.  Please make sure you take one before you leave – or in fact take two, so that you can give one to a friend!

On this journey, it’s great to have been accompanied by many supporters who are here tonight to celebrate our reaching this significant milestone.  Thank you for being with us.

When I started, which wasn’t easy, I was driven by an awareness of the huge inequalities in our Borough – the richest in UK but by many measures amongst its poorest.

I was also aware of inspirational voluntary organisations working hard to address these inequalities, and the difficulties they faced to raise the funds they needed. Very few of our better-off, local residents knew about these charities and what they did.

And in putting these things together, I was driven by a passion to do something about it.

I am very grateful to all those who have worked in the Foundation over the last 15 years and who carry the flag forward with energy, dedication, passion, and professionalism.  In particular, tonight I want to thank and congratulate Richard and our Board, as well as Vic and her team, who make everything happen.  

I am also deeply grateful to all our supporters – to you! - who have shared our passion to transform our community.

Although it has been a feature of society for a long time, I do not regard inequality as inevitable.  I believe it is man-made and we have it in our power to change it.

But looking around us today, Inequality is greater than it was 15 years ago.  We still have a long way to go to bring about the transformation we all want.

15 years ago, I dreamt of what could be done – many told me it would be impossible.  In the words of Sir Humphrey, I was told “That’s a very brave plan….!”.  But in these 15 years we have achieved significant impact on the challenges facing the most deprived, vulnerable and needy members of our community.

However, I still have a dream…….  that we can do more, much more!  Tonight, I invite you all to dream big with me, to dream that together, over the next 15 years and beyond, we can achieve impact that is wider, deeper and more transformative. 

Together we have shown once that we can do what many thought was impossible.  Over the next 15 years, let’s do it again!

Thank you."