Our latest research - Poverty and Prosperity in K+C: A Deepening Divide

This new report highlights some significant increases in the borough’s inequalities, with evidence that poverty and deprivation has deepened amongst residents on low or no income, that those residents are dying younger, and waiting longer to access appropriate and timely support.

Just over 2 years on from our October 2021 report, Poverty and Prosperity in K+C: Understanding Inequalities in a Borough of Extremes, we have commissioned a refreshed look at some of the key indicators of inequalities in our community.

Our previous report documented the significant disparities in opportunities and outcomes for the borough’s residents, particularly in the areas of education, mental health and skills and employment. To understand the long-term impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent cost of living crisis on K+C residents, we have published this brief update on the original report’s key findings. 

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