Local play reading project responds to the new isolation of Covid

Many of the programmes we fund have had to rethink how they deliver and in a time of increased loneliness and isolation, never have they been more needed 

Well Read is a weekly play-reading project which takes place on the wards of the St Charles Hospital, for service users with acute mental health diagnosis. Members of the group are encouraged to read different characters, changing every few pages. Discussion is encouraged, especially about the themes of the play. It has proven to be an extremely popular and beneficial programme, developing confidence, communication skills and community connection.

“…the plays we have read have prompted in-depth discussion between participants, with a number of them commenting that it has been a process that has felt integral to their recovery. I hope to give people the space to speak and be listened to and the opportunity to see the world through different (and often similar) points of view, whilst at the same time laughing, lots”

Evvy Miller, facilitator of Well Read

As a result of the pandemic the sessions are now online, running two per week. Moving online has been very successful, with extremely positive feedback from participants. Offering a a welcome respite for everyone whilst in lockdown.

“I will definitely do this group again as i did not feel like a “patient” but a creative and a human. This group improves confidence and helps me reconnect with the positive aspects of myself - not just “symptoms”. I hope this group keeps growing and it should be rolled out on a wider basis.”

Well Read group participant