Keeping sporty + safe during Covid restrictions

Through our Children + Young People funding, the Earls Club Youth Club intended to run football and boxing sessions for children who attended their club.  However, because of the restrictions of lockdown, they were no longer able to offer this and requested that their grant could be used for a bike skills course.  The bike skills course would give young people practical knowledge of how to cycle safely and confidently on London roads, and would be a great way to keep fit, whilst social distancing. 

40 young people completed Bikeability level 1 and 2 and upon completion of the course were rewarded with a personal bike and a certificate of completion.

“Thank you for the new bike and for allowing me to do this course! During Bikeability, I have made three friends who I go cycling with every weekend. I now feel I have friends for life that I didn’t have before.”
Benjamin, Earls Court Youth Club