Improving well-being and engagement for vulnerable young people at school

Fawzia's story

Fawzia, age 15, lives in severe poverty and shares a cramped two bedroom flat with numerous younger siblings, her mother and extended family. Her father was the main bread winner, but died a few years ago leaving the family in extreme financial difficulty.  Mental health issues and low self-esteem led Fawzia to feel that she was failing at school and unable to cope, she also began to self-harm. Fawzia found it impossible to study at home and fell even further behind.

The K+C Foundation supports a project in North Kensington for disadvantaged young people who are unable to study at home due to lack of space and digital access.  The young people are offered nutritious hot meals three times a week and encouraged to stay, use the computers and complete their homework.  Fawzia attended these sessions and the impact has been remarkable.  Fawzia’s mental health improved, she stopped self-harming and her self-esteem was noticeably better. After 3 months her core subjects improved by two grades.

“This project has been hugely beneficial for Fawzia – we’ve seen a real transformation, both in terms of her grades but also in her wellbeing and engagement in school life. She is a very capable girl and this has given her the boost she needed to really thrive and achieve her potential despite the many disadvantages she faces”

Head teacher at Fawzia’s school

In response to need identified by the school we are now helping to provide a Family Support Worker who will guide and advise families to access services relating to housing, mental health support, legal advice and language support.