Donate to our Winter Crisis Appeal and help a neighbour in need

This Autumn, the cost of living crisis has left many of our neighbours struggling to put food on the table and keep their homes warm.  From elderly residents to families with young children, we want to help those who are facing impossible decisions over the coming months – forced to choose between heating and eating. This dilemma causes incredible stress and anxiety and often leads people to take on unmanageable debt such as payday loans, which only make their financial problems worse.

We want to ensure that everyone one in our community can afford to put food on their tables and keep themselves and their families warm, through our Winter Crisis Appeal.   

By donating to our appeal, you will be helping a neighbour in need to pay a fuel bill or access emergency cash to buy essential items.  They will also be offered specialist advice from our local partners, to ensure they have the right support in place to help them manage their future bills.

If you don’t need your £400 government fuel subsidy, this is the perfect opportunity to donate it to a neighbour struggling with their bills.

Your support could help neighbours like Nora, who told us:  

cup and hands
I would like to thank you for your generous help…it has made a huge difference  to me and my family. I feel less stressed and I’m able to move on without worrying about the debt….

Help us to reach our neighbours in need and ensure that nobody has to choose been food + fuel