Community theatre for young people

As part of our Community Investment Programme we are delighted to support SPID’s Estate of Mind project for 8-25 year-olds directly and indirectly affected by the trauma of the Grenfell Tower fire. 

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Estate of Mind community theatre project
SPID Theatre

SPID champions high quality community theatre on council estates and this project offers free drama and heritage sessions for local young people, culminating in a showcase event for the local community. The young people decide for themselves what subject to research and explore through their showcases and which types of events to create.

This year, the first showcase event was an interactive show called 'The Unsung' which celebrated the rich heritage of social housing around North Kensington. The second was a comic book called ‘Many Stories’ which dramatised the history of the planet.

These events brought the community together and were celebrated on Kensal Estate and at North Kensington library. The project fostered cross generational links as the young people interviewed residents about their memories and performed for local audiences. The showcase events were aimed at friends, neighbours and supporters to promote solidarity and gave young people local to Grenfell a voice in championing the historic, communal and social value of council estates.

Crucially they also offered young people affected by the Grenfell fire a chance to take part in regular activities - providing them with much needed routine, support and fellowship.