Case Study: Supporting young people at risk

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Frank had been unemployed for a year after losing his last job when he was stabbed by another young person in a disagreement.

He was eager to find work in construction as a plumber but lacked his own PPE and the necessary Health and Safety Qualifications.

Through a local community charity, Frank accessed a construction bursary scheme and was provided with the necessary equipment and qualifications. The charity also brokered a job. However, Frank struggled with punctuality as a result of his depression and was not offered employment after the trial.

The charity worked with Frank to help him understand the behaviours expected by employers and what had gone wrong in the trial. The charity discovered that Frank had run up housing arrears and was being taken to court by his housing association. His key worker arranged legal advice and organised a payment plan for him, and in doing so discovered additional financial issues.  Frank owed the DWP money due to an overpayment on their part, and he was paying back an unsustainable amount each month, leading to further debt. The charity advocated on his behalf to reduce his payments and put him on a better financial footing.

With his housing secure, Frank applied for more jobs and got an interview on a construction site in Shepherd’s Bush. He passed the interview and after a few month’s work is proud to have been made a foreman and is responsible for managing the site’s store room.

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