Two new funds

We are delighted to announce two new funds to support projects which improve mental health and reduce educational inequalities

These funds are now closed.

Improving educational inequalities

Despite having some of the best performing state schools in the country, Kensington + Chelsea has the highest rate of permanent school exclusions in London, as well as some of the highest inequalities in educational attainment for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. This means many young people’s life chances are hindered by poor educational outcomes. 

This fund aims to support projects which address these educational inequalities to ensure all young people in K+C are given the best start in life. 

Improving mental health

Research has shown that Kensington and Chelsea residents suffer from lower-than-average levels of mental health, with the UK Prosperity Index suggesting that the borough’s performance on mental health is among the worst 20% of local authorities. An erosion of local services, a breakdown of social ties and the twin crises of the Grenfell fire and the pandemic are considered to be contributory factors.  

This fund supports projects which improve the mental health of residents.