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“Our Covid-19 Response simply couldn’t happen without your support.”

Jess Millwood, Age UK K+C

On 19th March, following the rapid escalation of the Covid-19 pandemic and concerns about the challenges faced by many of our local partners delivering services to vulnerable residents, we launched a Covid-19 Appeal.  Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the community, we have to date raised an incredible £738,000 to help frontline organisations delivering crisis response work in the borough.

With the help of our supporters, we have been able to make a difference to over 11,000 vulnerable people in our community so far.

Food and Essential Supplies

In the immediate lockdown period, we were able to respond to urgent requests from partners to provide food and essential supplies to elderly people and families who were self-isolating and/or unable to collect or afford their shopping.  As well as supply parcels, we have been able to support delivery of cooked meals to people unable to cook for themselves, and culturally appropriate food for elderly people during Ramadan.

To date, we have supported 16 organisations delivering essential food services, reaching at least 2,700 vulnerable residents.  We’ve also supported meals for NHS staff and volunteers at St Charles Hospital, who are providing mental health support to members of the Grenfell community during the Covid-19 crisis.

Delivering Differently

Our Covid-19 Appeal has been crucial in supporting local partners to adapt their face to face services, ensuring that they can offer clients an online alternative during lockdown and self-isolation periods.  This is essential in mitigating some of the mental health impact of isolation, and in ensuring vulnerable groups can still access a range of support such as social and learning opportunities.

We have helped 20 local organisations with the technical and digital equipment they need to provide online or telephone services, reaching over 6,400 people of all ages and backgrounds.          

In addition, we were able to provide Covid-19 patients at Chelsea + Westminster Hospital with 60 tablets and stands, to enable them to keep in touch with their loved ones while in intensive care.  We hope that this has been some comfort during an extremely traumatic time                    

Recovery and Rebuilding

8 weeks after we launched our appeal, we continue to receive requests for support from local partners and are particularly aware of the increase in demand for services including mental health support, employment advice and support for families at risk.  Our Covid-19 appeal remains open as we aim to support local projects who may have lost significant income due to cancelled fundraising events and are considering whether it is viable for them to continue

As we also return to our core programmes – reducing isolation and loneliness; improving skills and employment opportunities; and ensuring children and young people have the best chance in life – we will consider the impact of Covid-19 on these themes and how we can best support groups to make a meaningful difference.

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“The K+C Foundation have been really responsive to ensure that people get the legal advice they need, when they need it. So grateful”.

Annie Viswanathan North Ken Law Centre

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