Our Community Spirit Small Grants Fund

Our fund for short term community events, spreading joy and encouraging community cohesion

We have set up an easily accessible small grants fund to support events and activities that bring joy, hope and healing to the community after the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

This funding is for one-off events and short-term projects such as cultural and celebration events, school holiday activities, workshops, sports sessions and equipment for a project. Activities can take place both in person and online.  We encourage applications for projects and activities which are as inclusive as possible, but the primary beneficiaries of any project or event must be residents of Kensington + Chelsea.

Since September 2021 we have funded 45 projects which were wide and varied - a celebration of Lord Kitchener at 100, International Women’s Day events, A Queen’s Jubilee celebration called ‘The Queen’s Knickers’, Eid celebration events and 5 year Grenfell Tower fire memorial gatherings.

Nova’s International Women’s Day event attended by 17 residents.“The highlight of my year... speaking with other ladies from different backgrounds in a friendly environment, it made me feel fresh, feel love, feel confident, it was an amazing day, I would love to attend more events like this" Marina

Shamaali - grant for meals at the Grenfell Tower fire 5th year anniversary attended by 900 residents. "Thank you for your support in allowing us to bring people/communities together on a monumental day for the Grenfell community".

 We have been delighted to fund such an array of local projects.  If you would like to apply, please complete the application form which can be found here: 

Apply for a Community Spirit grant