News: 27.08.19

Get involved with Meet Your Street

Meet Your Street is our new series of supporter-led events that ensure people living in the borough are better connected to their neighbours and the transformative work of the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation. We believe everyone in our community has something to contribute and Meet Your Street is a fantastic way for us to spread our message across the borough.

We would love for all our supporters to be involved with Meet Your Street. Here is how it works:

Our supporters – either individually or as a group – host a party at their homes, inviting their neighbours. Guests will usually be a mix of people who hosts know well and others who they are getting to know better.

At the event as well as getting to know their neighbours, party hosts champion the work and mission of the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation. This might be in the form of a welcome speech from the host, one of the K&CF team speaking with guests on the night or publicity materials for guests to take away with them. Everyone leaves knowing more about what we do and feeling inspired about the many ways they can make a difference locally.

We ask hosts to ‘tag’ someone they know on the next street to host a similar party for their neighbours and to keep the Meet Your Street momentum going!

After the event, our team gets in touch with those guests who would like to work with us to make Kensington and Chelsea a better borough for everyone.

We expect every party will be unique and it’s our vision for every street in the borough to have at least one ambassador for the work we do. If you would like to find out more or are interested in hosting a party, please get in touch with Asma Hussain or call us on 020 7229 5499.