Recover + Reconnect - reaching 1500 local young people

See the impact of our Summer Youth Programmes

We wanted to share the wonderful news that our Recover + Reconnect: Summer Youth Programme has reached 1,500 children and young people from all over the borough, helping them to rebuild confidence, resilience and social skills after a year of successive lockdowns. 

This was only possible thanks to our donors support and our partnership with The Kusuma Trust, which collectively raised £164,000 for summery holiday activities.

"I really loved legoland and had an amazing summer with my friends" Kamdeem, age 8

“I like that my son was getting a little bit more confident in sport everyday. When I picked him up he always had something to tell me about, something new that he did" Zain's mother

"...I did not know England was so green, and that in the forest wild horses roam free!’’ Abdi, age 9