The K+C Foundation Futures Fund

Strengthen the future of our community by leaving a legacy to the K+C Foundation Futures Fund. Help us continue to improve the lives and life chances of our disadvantaged and vulnerable neighbours.

"I've lived in this borough for many years. I want to see it thrive in years to come and that's why I've made a provision in my will to the K+C Foundation. I trust them to use it wisely to support local people."

Alan Hutchison, local resident

How your legacy will make a difference:

Our Futures Fund will drive on-going programmes at the heart of our community which

  • reduce isolation and loneliness for all ages
  • support children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • develop real opportunities for people to gain and skills employment

Isolation + Loneliness:  Transforming mental health

At least one in four people will experience a mental health issue at some point in their lifetime, with one in six adults and one in ten children suffering at any one time.  In 2015-16 our borough had the highest population with severe and enduring mental illness known to GPs in London

As our challenging times continue, your legacy will support people with severe mental health issues.  One of the innovative programmes we fund takes place weekly at St. Charles’ Wellbeing Centre.  Individuals with an acute mental health diagnosis join in creative play-readings, playing different characters and discussing the play’s themes.  

Hundreds of participants have met new friends, seen their confidence and concentration grow, been inspired by the plays and enjoyed a humanising experience. 

"The group changed the way I felt …  I experienced something very special and profound. It was fun and imaginative, one of my best days; all were inspired by reading a play together" - Participant of Well Read, St Charles

The need for this work will continue and will grow.  With your support it will reach more people in more settings and transform care for more people in mental health wards.

Children and Young People:  Keeping young people safe and reducing violence on our streets

Between 2016 and 2019, there was an increase in youth violence of nearly 35% in Kensington and Chelsea.  Held back by extreme inequality unique to Kensington + Chelsea, high levels of child poverty, rising youth unemployment, a higher than average number of low income families, marginalised ‘invisible’ young people in our borough are at risk of criminal exploitation. 

Early intervention in schools and outreach on the streets through tailored engagement will remain key to supporting young people, helping them choose paths away from gangs and knife crime.  Demand for programmes focusing on young women at risk of criminal and sexual exploitation will also grow.

We support hundreds of young people every year through programmes across borough.  Your legacy will enable our partner organisations to reach more young people, improve their life chances and keep our streets safe.

“They are an invaluable organisation that has listened to and understood the needs and ambitions of the local community and has raised valuable funds to support those needs” - Clare Richards, Chief Executive, The ClementJames Centre

Skills and work:  Change lives through employment

Unemployment in our borough is over 6.7%, significantly above the national average.  Many of our neighbours are in precarious work situations and 22% of Kensington and Chelsea residents earn less than the London Living Wage of £19,890 per annum. This lack of security negatively impacts overall wellbeing and economic resilience. 

We are presently piloting new programmes to provide those facing multiple disadvantages with opportunities to access quality employment.  Initial results are promising, but we need to build to scale, to create a sustainable long-term programme.  Your legacy will fund a bursary scheme for people of all ages to improve their skills and employment prospects, and thus change their lives.

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with the K&C Foundation to bring the Spear Programme to North Kensington. We deeply value their role in introducing us to other local organisations and partners...which enables us to offer this much needed programme to local residentsRevd Tom Jackson MBE, Chief Executive, Resurgo Trust 

Next steps

We, and those who follow us, will be deeply grateful for legacies to support the K+C Foundation Futures Fund. For more information about how your gift will change lives, contact us at

You can make a Gift in your Will

  • by inserting a clause into a new will, or
  • by adding a simple codicil to an existing will, or
  • by writing a Letter of Wishes to your executors relating to a general provision regarding charitable gifts.

You should clearly state our name, The Kensington + Chelsea Foundation, and our registered charity number 1125940

  • The Gift may be in the form of a fixed amount of Cash,
  • or Property (e.g. shares), or
  • A residuary percentage either of your estate, or of part of it (e.g. of the value of your home)


You should always seek advice from professionals regarding tax and legal matters, however in general:

Please let us know if you make a gift to us in your will, so that we can thank you properly, and can keep you and your heirs informed of the impact of our work.