Community Investment Programmes - funding update January 2020

Supporting community projects

We are investing the remaining funds from our Grenfell Tower Fund in projects to help people affected by the fire. 

For our major programmes, we are working with and listening to the community to identify projects that are inclusive and will enable local people to improve their well-being and flourish. We are acting as a catalyst to encourage partnerships which have the potential to significantly enhance local life.  With endorsements and support from the local community, we are pleased to be funding the following:

The Grenfell Community Memorial Mosaic.  Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre and ACAVA collaborated on the first phase of the Grenfell Community Memorial Mosaic which is located at the foot of the Tower and is a central focal point to honour the lives lost and celebrate the spirit of the local community.  It was made by several hundred members of the community across all ages and brought people together to collaborate and share.

The Grenfell Tower Fund will ensure the continuation of this outstanding local project for a further two years, enabling 26 local schools, groups and organisations to be part of it. Amount awarded: £22,000 a year for two years.

West London Zone (WLZ) works to ensure that young people are on track to flourish in adulthood by providing long-term, preventative support over 2 years. The support is tailored to each child through their partnership of Link Workers, charities, schools and families.  They support, signpost and link children to services and organisations within the community as part of the overall support plan for each child.  They currently work with 179 children in schools in North Kensington between the ages of 3-16.

The Grenfell Tower Fund will provide funding to help them continue providing vital support to students from the Grenfell-affected community in existing schools in North Kensington including Kensington Aldridge Academy, Oxford Gardens and Bevington and to introduce their programme to children in Barlby Primary School where they will be supporting 40 children. Amount awarded: £30,000 a year for three years.

Maxilla Men’s Shed has launched in North Kensington to connect local communities with the international ‘Men’s Shed’ movement, creating a place where local adults, primarily men, can come to learn, teach, make, share and socialise.

Maxilla Men’s Shed will provide a number of ways for local people to access a new, fully equipped wood workshop at ACAVA’s Maxilla Studios, located in the former Maxilla Children’s Centre. A series of open days will be held during August and a full programme of training and open access sessions (including opportunities for local women) will be launched in September. Over time the ownership and management of Maxilla Men’s Shed will be handed over to the community in 2021. Through the Grenfell Tower Fund, the fit-out costs for the interior of the men’s shed were provided.  Amount awarded: £5,599.

The Grenfell Ventoring programme was set up by Future Men in September 2017 to provide specific support to boys and young men in North Kensington in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire.  Future Men are a specialist charity that supports positive male involvement, engagement and activity whilst also addressing the stereotypes around masculinity and engaging in the wider conversation of what it means to be a man. 

Ventoring is a comprehensive programme which addresses the needs of young men aged 13 to 25. Through street-based, outreach work project coordinators engage with young men that are often hard to reach.  These young men are initially given space to 'vent' and time is taken to build trust before the mentoring and coaching relationship begins.  The project coordinators then work with the young men to help them think differently, particularly around reluctance to engage with specialist services, and provide them with support to develop positive connections and social networks.  The ultimate aim is to empower these young men to seek a life with positive choices, and to inspire them to become dynamic future men.

There was a particular need for this support after the fire as some young men would not engage with the support and counselling services being offered.  Long term there was a concern that these young men may suffer the effects of trauma albeit at a later date.  Building these relationships through the Ventoring programme has led to these young men now accessing alternative counselling sessions, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to deal with their trauma.

This programme is run by a project coordinator with extensive experience in this field and strong relationships with the young people in North Kensington.  The Grenfell Tower Fund will contribute towards this role for the next three years.  Amount awarded: £10,000 for the next three years.

SPID Theatre  will oversee and deliver a three year programme (Estate of Mind) of free out-of-school activities delivered as a place-based collaboration in partnership with the nearby North Kensington Library and the Oral History Society. Estate of Mind is designed to meet the emotional needs of the children, young people and families who have been directly and indirectly affected by the trauma of the Grenfell Tower fire. 

The project will result in the creation of oral history testimonies, filmed footage and dramatized tours. These will be showcased through community events for friends, neighbours and supporters. They will be hosted on line and sent to funders and press. They will help give young people local to Grenfell a voice in championing the historic, communal and social value of council estates.  Amount awarded: £20,000 for the next three years

Kids On The Green was started as an emergency response project within 24 hours of the fire breaking out at Grenfell Tower. Initially the project was delivered on Norland Green and served as an outdoor respite for the community in Latimer road immediately affected by the fire.  It quickly grew into a larger scale project that was accessed by the wider community.  The project delivered a fusion of arts, play and therapy. 

Over time KOTG’s vision is to invest in the community recovery using the same model of arts, play and therapy fusion. By delivering outstanding arts activities alongside its traditional partners in mental health and wellbeing KOTG  wishes to empower upskill and artistically and emotionally support and  enrich the younger generations in North Kensington whilst tackling other social issues that are entrenched in the area and exacerbated by the fire such as poverty and deprivation, anti-social behaviour and offending, social isolation, and poor mental health.  The Grenfell Tower Fund will pay for a Finance and Business Manager for one year.  Amount awarded £10,000.

‘The Project – Young People Together’ The programme will run over 3 years and aims to strengthen the range of opportunities available for children and young people in the area in terms of activities and support services readily accessible. This will be achieved through regular joined-up delivery between The Harrow Club, The Dalgarno Trust and The Rugby Portobello Trust where young people will be supported to attend sessions at other clubs as well as specific joint delivery involving joint staff teams and shared resourcing. Decision making will be delegate to young people through youth steering committees and specific projects will be co-produced with youth leadership opportunities available.  The programme will focus on young people aged 11-19.  Amount awarded £50,000 for the next 3 years.

ACAVA Al Manaar Grenfell Memorial Mosaic
ACAVA AL MANAAR - Grenfell Memorial Mosaic