Driven by data and by listening to people living and working in our Borough, we identify pressing local needs and bring together the resources to tackle them. We work with excellent local charity and community partners, investing in them and their expertise. In particular, we encourage collaborations and partnerships which enable better outcomes and bigger impact. Our current priorities are:

The Children & Young People Campaign

Children & Young People
  • 31.6%
    of children in Kensington and Chelsea live in poverty

    Source: End Child Poverty 2017

  • 26%
    of children in the borough are eligible for free school meals. The national average is 16%

    Source: Dept of Education 2018
  • 228
    incidents of youth violence in RBKC during 2018 where victims were aged between 1-19

    Source: Mayor's Office 2018

Children & Young People

We are inviting applications for projects which improve the lives of local children and young people affected by issues such as poor mental health, gangs, crime and violence, poverty, language barriers and overcrowded accommodation.

To apply, download the guidelines and application form. The deadline for applications is Friday 15th November at 5pm.

The Isolation & Loneliness Campaign

Isolation & Loneliness

We are working with charities across the Borough to combat isolation and improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our community. Click here to find out about the projects we have recently supported through this fund.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can support these inspirational charities in their vital work, contact

Isolation in Kensington & Chelsea
  • 47%
    of homes have just one person living in them, the highest % in the country
  • 1000
    adults living in the north of the Borough don’t speak any English, making it harder for them to connect with others
  • 86%
    of the Borough’s housing is flats. Half are above ground floor level and some have no lifts, making access difficult for people with mobility issues

The Grenfell Community Development Fund Campaign

Green Shoots

Green Shoots is our small grants fund for one-off projects which bring hope and joy to the North Kensington community and there is a pot of £70,000 a year available for the next two years.

In year one of Green Shoots we awarded grants totalling £68,848 for 67 projects which have benefited over 10,000 people in North Kensington.

To apply for a Green Shoots grant, download our guidelines and simple application form.

Organisation Champions

Through a partnership between the K&C Foundation and the The National Lottery Community Fund, £240,000 has been awarded to local organisations who were exceptional in the response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy and are continuing to empower and support local people in the North Kensington community.

For more details of the awards made click here.

Community Investment Programmes

We are working with the community on new and major programmes to enable local people to not only materially improve their well-being, but to flourish and so strengthen North Kensington as a whole. We will act as a catalyst and encourage partnerships which have the potential to significantly enhance local life.

Find out more here.

The Skills & Employment Campaign

Skills & Employment
  • 22%
    of residents in Kensington & Chelsea earn less than the London Living wage which is £19,890 a year

    Source: Trust for London 2017
  • 19.5%
    unemployed households in Kensington & Chelsea. The national average is 15.1%

    Source: NOMIS 2017/18

Skills & Employment

We are introducing opportunities for people of working age, from 16 to 60+, that bring together charities, community organisations and businesses to provide training, soft skills and most importantly, jobs. Our annual fundraising target is £200,000.

K&C Foundation partners with Resurgo’s Spear Programme

Following consultation with our local community partners we have introduced Resurgo, a well-established charity, into North Kensington. In partnership with us, they will run their Spear Programme which has an impressive track record of supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds into employment, training or further education.

The Winter warmth Campaign

Winter Warmth

Winter Warmth helps tackle local fuel poverty, supporting vulnerable older people in need and giving them vital help with their fuel bills. We work closely with Age UK K&C, Citizens Advice and Nucleus Legal Advice Centre to identify those who need support.

To donate click here.

‘This campaign is a wonderful way for people to share what they don’t seriously need. Donating your winter fuel allowance ensures it directly benefits neighbours  in need.’

Sylvia Syms,
Actress and local resident

The Sarah Hawkins Young Carers Fund Campaign

We administer The Sarah Hawkins Young Carers Fund which was set up by Alan Hutchison to honour the memory of his wife. It supports young carers to overcome adversity and to help them achieve their potential.

The fund helps young adult carers to attend Birmingham University.  It also provides an annual break for young carers under the age of 12 from Kensington & Chelsea to attend a weekend respite break.

To donate, please click here.