Funder statement on Covid-19, March 2020

Read the London Funders response to Covid-19

An alliance of funders, including the Kensington + Chelsea Foundation, has come together to sign a joint statement pledging to offer support to civil society groups affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Coordinated by London Funders – the membership body of funders of London’s civil society - organisations from across the funding spectrum have recognised that Covid-19 is an exceptional event that will almost certainly affect charity staffing. Beneficiaries may need to be supported differently during these unprecedented times as well.

To support organisations affected by the outbreak, grant funders have committed to four main ways of working. These are:

  1. Adapting activities – acknowledging that agreed outcomes may not be achieved in the timeframes originally set.
  2. Discussing dates – not adding pressure on organisations to meet tight reporting deadlines.
  3. Financial flexibility – allowing organisations to use money differently e.g. buying equipment and covering staff sickness.
  4. Listening – encouraging frank conversations between funders and grantees, with funders being supportive of their needs.

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