Anyone for quarantinis?

Ethan Youel, one of the UK’s Top 100 Bartenders in 2019, is creating an exclusive ‘K+C Foundation cocktail’ and will be going live on Friday 5th June from 6.00pm to help us finish the working week in style

Take part in a cocktail masterclass

In this one-off masterclass, Ethan will show you how to create the ‘K+C Foundation ’ cocktail as well as a tasty mocktail alternative. It may be slightly different from your usual (pre-Covid) Friday cocktails but why not donate the money you would have spent on a round to help those in support residents in our community.  See below for the full drinks and ingredients list.  

Please register your interest in this event here.  We hope to see you there, raising a glass in support of the K+C Foundation.

K+C Sorbetto Ingredients:  Vodka, Raspberry Sorbet, Prosecco (or any sparkling wine) 

2nd cocktail (if making mocktail version, don’t add gin):  Gin (any gin, flavoured or classic), lemon juice, sugar (granulated is best but any will work), soda water, lots of ice (!), any vessel to shake (protein shaker, jam jar, cocktail shaker, coffee cup with lid), a tall glass 

Donate your round of cocktails