Our campaign to bring the borough together: Give Where You Live - Summer 2021

What is Give Where You Live?

To mark both National Neighbourhood Week and National Loneliness Awareness Week, we’re launching our Give Where You Live campaign this June.  We’re encouraging local businesses, schools and residents to get involved in fundraising and donating to the campaign throughout June, to help us reach more residents in need.

“There is nothing worse than the feeling of isolation. We all have to feel we belong to the local community...”

Mary, Local resident and Age UK K&C member

Kensington + Chelsea is a borough usually associated with affluence and wealth, but it also has areas of severe deprivation.  You may not know that K+C has:

  • The worst rate of income inequality in all London boroughs
  • Child poverty at 37.3%
  • Twice as many state school children eligible for free school meals than the national average
  • Nearly a quarter of working residents earning less than the London Living Wage
  • The highest proportion of people living alone in the country

Where the donations go

  • £15 could pay for a young child struggling with literacy to attend a Saturday reading class
  • £20 could pay for an isolated person to join an arts and crafts session and meet new people
  • £50 could buy sports equipment for a youth centre

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Give Where You Live
Let's bring our community together this June and help more residents like Mary to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.