Sue's story — SMART

Sue has been with SMART for two years. She has severe mental health problems and poor communication and social skills. Sue began working in the garden last year and although she wasn’t especially skilled at it, she began to build relationships and her confidence improved. Sue was responsible for delivering the herbs to the kitchen and whilst doing this asked if she could cook something one day. Sue is from the Bangladeshi community and prepared one of the most amazing curries we have ever tasted using our garden produce.

She is now working in the café as well as the garden and we are looking to find her a catering placement outside of SMART. Her husband came to see us and told us that Sue has begun to take more of an interest in family life (they have two children) and now that she is at SMART he no longer has to care for her all day and has been able to find part-time work.

About Smart

“Working with the Foundation is a joy!” Amelia Mustapha, Director, SMART

SMART supports people affected by mental illness on their path to recovery through purposeful activity and training.