Sam's Story — Full of Life

Sam is autistic and is unable to regulate his emotional state. Without continuous support and help from others to implement calming strategies, this can lead to challenging behaviour. In the past he has also found it difficult to maintain long periods of concentration and to join in group sessions for a sustained amount of time, usually 5-10 minutes. Since participating in yoga sessions, Sam is better able to manage his emotions and self-regulate his anxiety.

The Foundation’s support also enabled Full of Life to run Epilepsy Training for parents and staff.

About Full of Life

“I know about seizures, but I now understand the impact they will have on my child’s learning, I can explain to the school that of course he is going to miss part of a lesson if he is having absences! Schools should have this training”. Parent

“It was really great to have these sessions and to know that the whole team is trained in the same method of keeping people safe”. Full of Life staff member

“The work the Foundation does to bring our community together is inspirational.”