Gino’s Story — Family Friends

Gino is a 10 year old boy living in a one bedroom flat with his parents and sister. Gino was referred to Family Friends by a school nurse who got to know him through a Speech & Language therapist who supported the boy for a stammer. His parent’s English is very poor and Gino often needs to act as an interpreter; both parents suffer of depression and don’t leave the flat unless they have to.

Mentor, Dan, a kind man in his late twenties, was very effective in building trust amongst the whole family. They made many trips to the parks, museums and play centres where he introduced Gino to new sports. Dan always made sure there was plenty of time for talking, enabling Gino to open up at his own pace. This helped increased Gino’s confidence and now his stammer is much less noticeable. As a result of supporting Gino’s parents too, Dad feels more confident with IT and is applying for jobs, Mum’s English has improved and the whole family speaks more English together.

About Family Friends

“I believe in myself again. Family Friends has changed my life, made me believe again and do more. I believe mentoring is more effective than therapy.” Participants, Parent Befriending Programme.

With support from the Foundation, Family Friends worked with 32 local families on the verge of crisis last year through their Parent & Child Befriending Programme.