Announcing 16 new and impactful partnerships

Through these partnerships we will make a difference to 6,000 residents at risk over the next 3 years. 

In response to the findings of our 2021 research report, ‘Poverty and Prosperity in Kensington + Chelsea’, which identified the key drivers of inequalities in our borough we have launched three new portfolios.  These portfolios will invest in initiatives providing targeted and tailored support to residents affected by poor mental health, unemployment and poor educational attainment. 

We are delighted to announce that, with the support of our community grant panels, we have already chosen 16 new, impactful partnerships focusing on Improving Mental Health and Reducing Educational Inequalities.  Across these portfolios, we will make a difference to 6,000 residents at risk over the next 3 years. 

Richard’s story:
Through our Improving Mental Health portfolio we are able to help residents like Richard, who joins a daily 3-course table-service lunch provided to tackle food poverty and social isolation.  The lunch programme also offers wraparound support services around issues such as addiction, mental health, and housing, which has slowly enabled Richard to open up and access other support services:

Richard is 60 years old, has severe learning difficulties and a reading age of around 5.  He began attending the lunch service after becoming homeless due to a marriage breakdown.  Over time he has regularly connected with the Support Worker at the lunch project, who has helped Richard to read and understand bills and to support his mental health needs, referring him for help with suicidal ideations.  Having previously struggled to engage in meaningful activity, he now takes part in reading classes, art classes, outings and has recently joined Walking Football.  Richard sees the Support Worker as somewhere between friends and family, in the absence of either in his life, and both his physical and mental health have improved.  Richard has commented that the lunch service is a lifeline for him and without it he would feel ‘alone and depressed’.

More information about the process and the projects funded can be found here and we will be providing updates through our newsletters and webinars over the coming three years.

For more info on any of our portfolios or projects, please contact [email protected]